On the podcast. I shared part of my story.  I couldn’t read, my dad hurt me big time, I became sexually addicted, my son was killed, I went through a divorce, I had thoughts that it’s not worth living, so all I saw was death in my life. I was living a life of quiet desperation.
What I received from the enemy is you’re stupid, your dad doesn’t love you or care about you, you’ll never get over that sexual addiction, don’t trust women they will hurt you, give up on life there’s no hope for you. That became the lens that I was living my life through. That was the picture the enemy painted on my heart about myself. Satan is an artist, he can create such a portrait of you that it can blind you from the truth.

Then I got on my face and said to the Lord, “If you are  real you’ve got to show me and do whatever it takes to change my life”. That was my salvation moment.  Through the process of  healing and restoration, God started giving me a new portrait of myself through his Word (the Bible) and his Holy Spirit.  He gave me a new vision, a different lens to look through.
He loved me so much that he came down from heaven to redeem me.  I’m created in his image (I’m perfectly made), I’m set apart, I’m chosen, I’m loved by God, he predestined me for his Glory, I’m seated with him at the right hand of the father, etc. This new portrait that Father God has given me destroyed the enemies portrait.

What vision has the enemy given you?  What has that punk Satan painted on the canvas of your heart?
But most important, who does God say you are?  His portrait is ever becoming much more beautiful every moment of your life as you spend time in his presence.

Father God loves you so much. Just ask him to reveal himself to you then walk by faith, get in his word, and become part of his community (the Church).


If no one has told you today, I Love You. I want to let you know from the bottom of my heart, I Love You.  Even better, God Loves You.


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Born in The Bronx, New York, live in NC for the past 21 years. Married 9 years to my amazing wife Kim Colón. I've been blessed with 2 boys and 2 girls. I got a Master’s Degree in messing up in life. Now my wife and I rescue men and women from the deceptions of the enemy. We mentor and coach people to Life, to the life God has created them for. I'm a Son of God and a enemy of Satan.

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Marcia Kelley - 6 years ago Reply

A believer in Jesus. I am not ashamed to say I am his.

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