If God was a party planner what kind of party would he throw you?

Imagine these two scenes:

Scene 1: I’ve got a birthday party coming up. Where do I start?  The invite list. Let me see who I want to come and who I don’t want to come. What’s next? Gifts.  I don’t want just any old random gifts. I’ll do a gift registry. That way if anybody wants to give me a gift I would have already picked out the gift to give me. No surprises. What’s next? Games. We can’t just mingle and do nothing.  I’ll short list what we’ll eat. No mystery potato salad at this shindig.  So God, I’ve got everything laid out like I’d like it and expect it. Would you just bless that and pay for it? Also God, “if you could you do it quickly that would be great”

For fun sake, let’s just say God does all that. I would have my party and it would be good. Just like I expected it. Good. I’ll pat myself on the back for my well planned party called my life.

Scene 2: I have an birthday coming up  but I’ve given my plans over to God. I call to see how things are going. He doesn’t want to talk about it. He wants to talk about other things. Why?  I’m like “this has nothing to do with my party”. I press, still nothing. He just says something like “don’t worry about it, it will be great”.  I say, “so you are throwing a party because you haven’t really been clear if you are or are not throwing me a party.” No reply, just a cheeky smile.

My mind is racing. “Ok, so, God knows what he is doing” I tell myself. “I haven’t even told him want I really want for my gift. It’s this one thing. Ugh, I’ll probably get “like a generic knock off”. I’ll text God. So I text him, “Hey, I forgot to tell you I’d really like this specific thing and here is the link to it on amazon, the exact model and everything.” I send the text but for some reason my phone glitches and it won’t go through. “This is ridiculous”. Then I’m like “oh no! I hope he doesn’t invite so and so. We had a flight like 3yrs ago and I just haven’t bothered to talk to them sense. Dang it! I bet he’s going to invite them just to- teach me a lesson on forgiveness or something.”

I continue to worry, “I know what He is going to do, I’ve been to church parties with their small styrofoam cups, watered down kool-aid, and stale cheese puffs. I bet God is broke and He going to raid the Church’s panty to save a buck. This party is going to be a disaster!”

“I know, I’ll just tell God I don’t want a party.  That way I can avoid this whole thing….. I’m exhausted. I’ll text him tomorrow.”

I wake up the next day late.  I am still mad at God, I mean it’s like nothing is happening, at all. I go to work brooding about all the terrible things in my life. I am perplexed, God does not talk to me about what I want to talk about. Hello, the party. Instead, God is all asking me questions about my character, my beliefs, my fears and I’m like “whatever…that has nothing to do with anything!”  Ugh, so frustrating.

On way back from work, something comes up with the family and it looks like I’ll be eating alone tonight. And on my birthday no less. I walk into the house and the light switch is broken. “Great, could this day get any worst.” I say out loud.

I walk into the kitchen and the lights burst on and all my favorite friends and family yell SURPRISE!! They sing to me, they hug me and bring me my favorite treats! Candy from when I was a kid. How could they know I love bottle caps, twisters, & smarties. God smiles, I knew. Then from behind his back he gives me the gift I had be hoping for. I am overwhelmed with love, gratitude, thankfulness, shock and awe  of Gods goodness. “This party is Great!” I yell at God over the party noise with a stupid grin on my face. He winks at me and says, I love planning surprise parties.

How GREAT is the goodness you have stored up for those who fear you. You lavish it on those who come to you- Ps 31:19

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