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My Mom is a Positive Voice in a Negative World

I’ve always had fun teasing my Mom with all her quirks and “Momisms”. She always rolled with it because she did not take herself too serious. One thing I appreciated about Mom was her desire to always have a laugh.

She has spent her life championing others that needed a someone to advocate for them. She would fight on their behalf. She would help however she could to make one person’s life better if it was within her power to do so.

My Mom has chosen to take the high road of JOY in her life. She has had plenty of opportunities to follow the crowd into the malaise of life. But she choose not to walk in others footsteps. She chose Joy. Her perspective on Life is life-giving and contagious.

I’ve learned from Mom, when you stick your head out above the crowd you become an easy target. I’ve seen her criticized and critiqued at different times in her life. She continued to be who she was, continued to do good and kept moving forward. My Mom is brave. She is a positive force in the world despite the naysayers. She is the voice what says ‘You Can’ when all others can ‘You Can’t”.

I learned to love people of different cultures because of my Mom. She exposed me to different races and nationalities. I am grateful for her expanding my world early in this way.

She had an amazing ability to point me to my roots and the far off horizon full of possibilities. She took time to educate me about the Lumbee Tribe and my people. While pointing me to a world that was bigger than my neighborhood, my state or my country.

I love you Mom and I hope you have an amazing 80th birthday! You’ve been a great Mom and an inspiration to me. Thank you for always believing in yourself, me, & others. Most of all for believing in God’s ability to turn anything around for anyone!

Keep shining your light! Love, Troy

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I am a fierce Jesus follower, husband of 1 beautiful wife , father of 4 amazing people & a restless creative. Former hardcore punk singer, youth pastor, busker, drug counselor, train hopper, long boarder, exotic fruit farmer, nonprofit president, hitchhiker & Seminarian. Current blogger, podcaster, business owner, and corporate cubicle farm dweller in marketing.

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Let me send you the FREE- Kindling Fire eBook- YOU CAN CERTAINLY DO IT!