It has been one week. Feels like an eternity some days. One week without Instagram and Facebook. While in prayer, I sensed I was to let go of social media. I knew the only way to kill this obsession was to delete the app. My stats were 4 hours a day on social networking. I picked up my phone 80 times a day! Wow!

After I deleted it, I did not know what to do with my down time. I was so used to filling up every idle second. After one week, now I’m comfortable with downtime.

The biggest impact I felt was when I posted a podcast on IG and FB. Normally, that would tie me to the phone for a good two days, looking for how people responded to the episode. But this time, I deleted the app right after I posted. 

I had an overwhelming sense of freedom and relief, like a huge weight was lifted off me. I was free to be present in my ‘real’ life vs. tied to my ‘virtual’ life.

“Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. I will not become a SLAVE to anything”- 1 Cor. 6:11. Don’t let yourself become a slave.

So what was I doing on my phone all day? I was looking for approval. 

“It is dangerous to be concerned with what others think about you” Pr. 29:25 (GNT). “The fear of man is a snare.” Pr 29:25 (NKJV). 

Don’t let yourself be snared like I was.

If you want steps to overcome a Phone Addiction, listen to Episode 126. Hello Slave- Overcoming my Phone Addiction. 

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I am a fierce Jesus follower, husband of 1 beautiful wife , father of 4 amazing people & a restless creative. Former hardcore punk singer, youth pastor, busker, drug counselor, train hopper, long boarder, exotic fruit farmer, missionary, hitchhiker & Seminarian. Current blogger, podcaster, and corporate cubicle farm dweller in marketing.

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