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Overcoming Phone Addiction

It has been one week. Feels like an eternity some days. One week without Instagram and Facebook. While in prayer, I sensed I was to let go of social media. I knew the only way to kill this obsession was to delete the app. My stats were 4 hours a day on social networking. I […]

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Where are the war songs?

Where are the war songs? The songs of worship and victory. I love and value worship music that makes me want to crawl up on Father God’s lap and rest as a son. But I just can’t with the “I will rest on your chest & cuddle like a lover would” songs. Those are intimate […]

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The cost of playing it safe

I was standing in Martin Niemöller cell in the Sachsenhausen Concentration camp. Niemöller was “reasonable” and took the wide road of conformity and compromise not willing to becoming a lightning rod on the issues of his time (1938-1945).  He was bothered by Nazis and did some to right the wrong but was NOT willing to […]

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Everyone Wins!

The kingdom of God is not a zero sum game. Yet I tell myself, “If I give, I will have less. I need to keep what I have and not lose it.” When life is defined by that kind of math, I make decisions out of a fear. I fear that I will lose what […]

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1 Second of Fame

1 second of fame is all you get today. It used to be you would get 15 seconds of fame. But not any more. The 1000 or 10000 likes will amount to 1 second of attention someone gave you while they scroll through their feed. God did not design us to be satisfied with 1 second of […]

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