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Get Up!

I did not want to get up. I could hear my trainer from the corner of the ring yelling in slow motion Get Up! I lost count of the several rounds I had gone at this point. My face was flat on the mat. My mouth guard hanging out of my mouth, drool. I thought. “I can’t […]

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Our Identity is our Weapon

After the Lord gave me a new vision (see my last blog), it was time to fight, make the right decisions, and create new habits to reprogram my mind. The battlefield is in your mind and the battle is for your heart. The process of healing takes time so don’t rush the process, allow the […]

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Who does God say I am?

On the podcast. I shared part of my story.  I couldn’t read, my dad hurt me big time, I became sexually addicted, my son was killed, I went through a divorce, I had thoughts that it’s not worth living, so all I saw was death in my life. I was living a life of quiet […]

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