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Male Initiation Ceremony

Male Initiation Ceremony I am no longer a father of boys but men. Recently I performed a male initiation ceremony for my 16 yr old son. My 21 yr old son joined me to welcome him into manhood In preparation I met with him every week for manly Monday’s. We read together (Bible, excepts of […]

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Missing the Moment

I’ve spent most of my life missing the moment. I did not know it at the time, but as I looked back I could see my heart and my mind were somewhere else. What causes us to miss our moments? With God’s help, he has allowed me to see I was emotionally trained from a […]

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God Works Through Generations

I wrote this blog 10yrs ago. Its still True 10yrs later.  Enjoy! ===== God’s strategy to reach the world is through Godly homes and the children that come out of those homes. God works through generations. Anointing, influence, power, prosperity and authority gains speed from generation to generation. Look at Joseph. He was the 4th generation […]

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