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Fear and Tithing

I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Was I disobeying or obeying God?  If I did not tithe to my local church and gave to “another ministry”, would Satan wreak havoc on my finances. Cars would break. Unexpected Medical expenses would occur. Unknown taxes and expenses out of nowhere would occur.  Malachi 3:10-11 […]

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Become a Jesus Following BA

Why do lawyers exchange their suits for black leather & a Harley on biker week? Because all men want to be BA’s. Yet Christian men are told becoming a BA is NOT becoming like Jesus. Really? Jesus called the Status Quo snakes to their faces. Jesus intellectually sparred with the best & won.  Jesus did not back down in the face […]

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Men Need Ceremony

Men need ceremony. Milestones of masculinity that are demarcation lines between Boyhood & Godly Manhood. I have been apart of a few of these holy moments of masculine ceremony. One of them was last week with my band of brothers. You can meet them in the Band of Brothers Part 1 & Part 2 podcasts. Mens […]

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Push vs. Pull

How did Jesus motivate people to action? I have been born again for coming up on 30 years. In those 30 years, I have attended a lot of church/worship services, small groups, and heard a lot of teaching. I have been apart of different denominational churches, non-denominational movements, and para-church ministries in the US, Australia, […]

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Trading in my Instagram Life

How can people that look so OUTWARDLY AWESOME not be as awesome as they appear?  I “know” that this is true but I am sucked in again and again by the image people portray on social media as the reality of who they are, how great their relationships are and how much fun or impact […]

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Don’t Tell Me What, Show Me How

I was surrounded by born-again Christians at a retreat I somehow ended up at. I saw how deeply the friendship & love ran between these Jesus followers, so different than what was my ‘norm’. They didn’t care about my atheistic, black magic, God-hating, drug-infested, sin-wallowing background. They loved me without knowing anything about me. They […]

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Stand! Don’t Grovel

I sinned. I don’t exactly remember what I did but I remember how I felt. Church was ending and they called us up front if we wanted to pray. I rushed to the front of the church, hit my knees and buried my face on the floor. I was groveling. I was sincere but I […]

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Small Ideas & Bored Men

One of my absolute favorite quotes by the founder of the Navigators Dawson Troutmen is “Men’s hearts are not set ablaze by small ideas.” I know in the deep wells of my soul this is true. Every time I hear the quote something deep in my gut says “YES!” Yet, we are surrounded by small […]

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