Will We Ever Be Satisfied?

I biked around Amsterdam on a beat up bike like I was a local again. I lived & worked there in my 20’s with a Dutch ministry called Tot Heil Des Volks. Amsterdam is a city covered in stickers, street art, graffiti & dog poop. As I parked my bike on a canal bridge, a […]

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Push vs. Pull

How did Jesus motivate people to action? I have been born again for coming up on 30 years. In those 30 years, I have attended a lot of church/worship services, small groups, and heard a lot of teaching. I have been apart of different denominational churches, non-denominational movements, and para-church ministries in the US, Australia, […]

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When your cool gets old

What do you do when your cool gets old? Do you do what Napoleon Dynamite’s Uncle Rico did….? Keep replaying old video tapes trying to relive the ‘glory days’! For the first time I started feeling old.  I try to stay trendy in what I wear but when I went to my closet the other day […]

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Created to Create

Start nothing …fail at nothing Create nothing … Be criticized for nothing Risk nothing … Believe for nothing Created in Gods image… For nothing? No, a 1000 times no! You bear Gods image for something beatiful that brings life! Create, Risk, Reveal the glory that is hiding in you. We need you, we need to […]

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The Ox and the Wild Horse

He stared at his reflection in disbelief and shock until a single tear rolled down his long nose into the water, then he awoke. The colt woke up surrounded by straight rows of dirt as far as he could see. He looked to the south and saw a dust cloud rising toward him. Out of […]

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Gaining Mojo from One Good Day

I have a love/hate relationship with Bread & Chips. I hate that I love them sooooooo much! I’d come home from work on so many nights and cracker binge, chip binge, and bread binge. Ugh! This has been going on for some time to the dismay of my waistline. I’d feel bad about myself after […]

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Don’t Be in a Cover Band

“You were born an original, don’t die a copy”- John Mason I never seem to fit. I feel like an odd-shaped puzzle piece looking for the puzzle where I belong.  I pride myself in being different from everyone else. But I’ve also feel lonely, misunderstood and like an outsider. At times that feeling drove me […]

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My Dad Never Quit!

“The Race is not given to the swift nor the strong but unto them that endure to the end.” Ecclesiastes 9:11 Today My Dad turns 80 and He never quit! I know enough about my Dad’s story to know He came to crossroads in His life when He could have quit. Quit on God. Quit on his marriage. […]

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New Every Morning

When my son was very young like 3 or 4 years old, He had a dream of heaven. In his dream He saw a river that ran through the center of heaven. He described the river as clear with multi-color reflections like a rainbow. He described the river as coming from under a throne. On […]

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