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Ep. 146- Co-Create with God- Allen Arnold

All creatives need inspiration. All sons and daughters of God are creative in some capacity. Allen Arnold has a calling to help creatives co-create with God. Allen is the executive producer and director of content at Wild at Heart with John Eldredge.  In this episode: We discuss his 3rd book Waves of Creativity We discuss […]

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Ep.142. Fatherhood Faceplants- Live Kindling Fire Podcast with Jeremy Robertson and Troy Mangum

Interview with Troy Mangum about the new book: Fatherhood Faceplants before a live audience The podcast host was Jeremy Robertson- @jeremywrobertson Lead Pastor of Vertical Life Church @verticallifenc In this episode we discuss: -The hardest part of writing the book personally -What is meant by Children Inherent the land their Father’s possess? -What impact the […]

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Male Initiation Ceremony

Male Initiation Ceremony I am no longer a father of boys but men. Recently I performed a male initiation ceremony for my 16 yr old son. My 21 yr old son joined me to welcome him into manhood In preparation I met with him every week for manly Monday’s. We read together (Bible, excepts of […]

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Overcoming Phone Addiction

It has been one week. Feels like an eternity some days. One week without Instagram and Facebook. While in prayer, I sensed I was to let go of social media. I knew the only way to kill this obsession was to delete the app. My stats were 4 hours a day on social networking. I […]

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Missing the Moment

I’ve spent most of my life missing the moment. I did not know it at the time, but as I looked back I could see my heart and my mind were somewhere else. What causes us to miss our moments? With God’s help, he has allowed me to see I was emotionally trained from a […]

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The punk song that made me cry

When I first heard the song, I immediately teared up. COME ON, it’s a punk song. Why am I crying? God was singing right to my young heart, word of healing. The song is about a girl in a talent show who sees how talented every else is around her. She is going to sing her […]

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Become a Jesus Following BA

Why do lawyers exchange their suits for black leather & a Harley on biker week? Because all men want to be BA’s. Yet Christian men are told becoming a BA is NOT becoming like Jesus. Really? Jesus called the Status Quo snakes to their faces. Jesus intellectually sparred with the best & won.  Jesus did not back down in the face […]

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Where are the war songs?

Where are the war songs? The songs of worship and victory. I love and value worship music that makes me want to crawl up on Father God’s lap and rest as a son. But I just can’t with the “I will rest on your chest & cuddle like a lover would” songs. Those are intimate […]

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The cost of playing it safe

I was standing in Martin Niemöller cell in the Sachsenhausen Concentration camp. Niemöller was “reasonable” and took the wide road of conformity and compromise not willing to becoming a lightning rod on the issues of his time (1938-1945).  He was bothered by Nazis and did some to right the wrong but was NOT willing to […]

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Fear and Tithing

I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Was I disobeying or obeying God?  If I did not tithe to my local church and gave to “another ministry”, would Satan wreak havoc on my finances. Cars would break. Unexpected Medical expenses would occur. Unknown taxes and expenses out of nowhere would occur.  Malachi 3:10-11 […]

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Everyone Wins!

The kingdom of God is not a zero sum game. Yet I tell myself, “If I give, I will have less. I need to keep what I have and not lose it.” When life is defined by that kind of math, I make decisions out of a fear. I fear that I will lose what […]

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