Monthly Archives: April 2018


Get Up!

I did not want to get up. I could hear my trainer from the corner of the ring yelling in slow motion Get Up! I lost count of the several rounds I had gone at this point. My face was flat on the mat. My mouth guard hanging out of my mouth, drool. I thought. “I can’t […]

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Will We Ever Be Satisfied?

I biked around Amsterdam on a beat up bike like I was a local again. I lived & worked there in my 20’s with a Dutch ministry called Tot Heil Des Volks. Amsterdam is a city covered in stickers, street art, graffiti & dog poop. As I parked my bike on a canal bridge, a […]

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Push vs. Pull

How did Jesus motivate people to action? I have been born again for coming up on 30 years. In those 30 years, I have attended a lot of church/worship services, small groups, and heard a lot of teaching. I have been apart of different denominational churches, non-denominational movements, and para-church ministries in the US, Australia, […]

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When your cool gets old

What do you do when your cool gets old? Do you do what Napoleon Dynamite’s Uncle Rico did….? Keep replaying old video tapes trying to relive the ‘glory days’! For the first time I started feeling old.  I try to stay trendy in what I wear but when I went to my closet the other day […]

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