Monthly Archives: November 2017

Trading in my Instagram Life

How can people that look so OUTWARDLY AWESOME not be as awesome as they appear?  I “know” that this is true but I am sucked in again and again by the image people portray on social media as the reality of who they are, how great their relationships are and how much fun or impact […]

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Don’t Tell Me What, Show Me How

I was surrounded by born-again Christians at a retreat I somehow ended up at. I saw how deeply the friendship & love ran between these Jesus followers, so different than what was my ‘norm’. They didn’t care about my atheistic, black magic, God-hating, drug-infested, sin-wallowing background. They loved me without knowing anything about me. They […]

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A River of Love

I remember when I was just a boy; my father would take my friends and I fishing at The Broad River in Western NC.  Dad loved to catch Bass in the local rivers and always had colorful stories about his adventures with his brothers.  It was a boy’s dream.  I remember the first Bass I […]

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