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Who does God say I am?

On the podcast. I shared part of my story.  I couldn’t read, my dad hurt me big time, I became sexually addicted, my son was killed, I went through a divorce, I had thoughts that it’s not worth living, so all I saw was death in my life. I was living a life of quiet […]

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Adult Man or Little Son?

How could I be a ‘child’ and a ‘Man’ at the same time? This question haunted and perplexed me for weeks. To be a Man is to be strong, show perseverance, be independent, bold as a lion, unwavering in the face of pressure, an over comer, consider great & weighty matters, withstand great pain, a […]

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Loren Cunningham had the courage to walk away from what was good to pursue God’s best as a young man in his 20’s. He left the security of family traditions, his denominational heritage and an opportunity for a wealthy secure future to purse God’s dream over his life. Loren is my #1 hero in the […]

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I am Batman in a story-driven marriage

Character development and plot-driven stories are the best! What if I told you I fight fear and the things that ruin my marriage like Batman fights injustice in Gotham City, or like the Avengers in the Age of Ultron? To Men, that shouldn’t sound weird. It might sound childish to the Ladies. Bear with me. […]

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