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Check out book- Fatherhood Faceplants or website-Troy Mangum 

Your podcast helped ME grow as a husband, father, friend and follower of Jesus

Justin // Mens Group Leader

Your podcast has Awakened a FIRE in me again. A Fire to Dream BIG!

Ryan //  a South African Listener

Everytime I listen to your Podcast, I'm inspired and it Stirs up the Dreamer in me!

Okey  //  apart of Band of Brothers

These conversations that are like Fuel for Me to follow Jesus and make an Impact!

Brad  //  Author, Pastor

I have been dragging my feet on some actions I need to take and your Podcast was exactly what I needed to hear! I've listened to 7 episodes in the last 24hrs.

Zack  //  Pastor

I've been very encouraged listening to your Podcast. Many times, Holy Spirit has moved in me as you dialogue with the guests!

Matt  // Church Planter, Founder-Reformed Manhood 


Check out the Podcast! Here 

Check out book- Fatherhood Faceplants or website-Troy Mangum